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The Team Concept A Key To Our Dominance & Survival?

If you examine the great accomplishments of homo sapiens, you’ll find none of them were accomplished by a lone individual.

Man walked out of Africa to take over this planet, but it was not a man. Rather it was thousands of men and women, who were only alive to do it because of the billions of times they worked together.

The pharaoh decided to build the Great Pyramid of Giza but it took hundreds of people to design it and hundreds of thousands more to build it. The emperor ordered the building of the Great Wall of China, which is so huge it can be seen from outer space. It took millions of people working over centuries to construct it. Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. It bears repeating, he didn’t do it by himself. Languages, mathematics, sciences, music, art—none of these were the work of one person.

But didn’t nature (or god if you prefer) give homo sapiens the tools to do these things? Didn’t we scale all these heights because of opposable thumbs? Standing upright? Binocular vision? Being hairless so we could sweat and cool down and therefore chase down faster prey that overheated and couldn’t run as far? Enlarged brains so we could think better?

Each of these “gifts” were elements of our success. However, they only became effective survival tools when team allowed us to work together.

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