All of us need to be a team for the United States to be successful as a representative democracy. Teams are supported by three pillars: Structure, Leadership, and Belief. As a team we don’t have to agree. We don’t have to particularly like each other that much. We do have to work together for the good of the team.

Of the three pillars of team the most powerful is belief, because it holds people together and supports their ability to contribute to achieving team goals, often to a point of giving all. I confirm this as a Vietnam Combat Veteran, who saw people die on both sides for their belief. Americans believing the were fighting against communism; more because they fought for each other – a very personal belief. Vietnamese because they were fighting to remain free from the North or to re-unite as one country. On all sides the fighting was wicked and total.

American belief in the war, never all that strong, waned. We withdrew. The North continued and prevailed in uniting the country as a bloody mess, which too passed as vengeance dimmed. None of this was necessary if all the players had worked as a team. France tried to re-establish a colony. Vietnam was denied a unification vote which had been promised. War inevitably followed. Colonialism passed into history. International communism didn’t engulf the world. Vietnam unified into one country. America fought its most outrageous foreign war and learned the wrong lesson It adapted the belief that it could successfully intervene anywhere due to its military might. Several wars later and no such success has been realized. Yet, we continue.

The problem with belief is that it has no requirement to be attached to reality or truth. In my lifetime the United States has never lost a war, nor have they ever won one. War is a method of imposing your will on others because you can’t persuade them to do what you want. We have not been successful in winning by war We have persuaded no country to do what we want.

In our own country, we possess the greatest founding statements of how governing should work for the benefit of all. The rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness should be equal for every person. We have never achieved this. Today we stand at serious risk of destroying even the illusion that we are trying to accomplish this.

I am writing this the day after the President had a non-violent group of protestors outside the White House tear gassed and driven away, thirty minutes before curfew, so he could walk across the street to a church and pose for a picture with a bible in his hands. He did this just after announcing that he would have the U. S. Military go to cities and attack protestors. He encouraged governors to have their States shoot and arrest protestors whether they were violent or not. Police violence against protestors has already gone over the line in several instances resulting in multiple injuries and deaths. This is what the protestors are protesting.

Apparently, the President doesn’t mind this because, aside from believing it’s a fun thing to do, it diverts the media discussion to some extant from focusing on the over 100,000 deaths from COVID19 he did nothing to prevent.

The photo opportunity, however, had as its primary goal, sending a message to the evangelical community that he was their President and wanted their continued support. Evangelical’s support for him has always been a bit problematic to decipher since he represents virtually everything they claim to be against. He is a misogynist, racist, twice divorced man unfaithful to his three wives, which he brags about, and a con man out to gain all the money and power he can without any concern for anyone else.

So, why do they vote for him? Simply because they don’t care about him; they care about their own agenda of turning our democracy into a theocracy so they may use the power of government to force their religious beliefs on everyone else.

Our country is in turmoil for so many reasons. Scroll through the postings on face-book or other media an any given day and the anger and outrage is palpable. People are tremendously offended by what is going on in so many areas and they insist it must be changed. Something must be done to fix this.

They protest, file lawsuits, and clamor for outright civil war. All the while they believe in conspiracies, hoaxes, fake news, and anything else that allows them to feel safer; to tell themselves it really isn’t that bad.

The worst of this is there is no dialogue occurring about how we can peacefully change and bring our government back to a course of pursuing the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness equally for everyone.

We must calm down and discuss openly and honestly what needs to be done for the good of all, for the team.



It sets out the only peaceful method to alter the course of American government to pursue a government that governs by the consent of the government with a commitment to the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness equally for everyone.