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Health Care for All

If you believe, as I do, that a major function of government is to protect and support the Right to Life, then logically you must support health care for all. It is insufficient to say, “We won’t kill you but we’ll allow access to responsible health care to preserve and protect your life to become so costly it is unaffordable. If you can’t pay extortion amounts of money or can’t afford insurance, just go away and die.”

We are the only industrialized nation on this planet that does not have Universal Health Care in some form. Medicare for all is current in political discussion and many are advocating it. It is worth supporting because it would be a modest improvement over what we have. The problem is it is a band-aid on a seriously ruptured artery which is killing people. Medicare is not inexpensive. It is even more costly if you are dealing with handicap/disability issues. (My wife and I both are disabled.)

The arguments against Universal Health Care boil down to two issues. First, who will pay for it. Second, why should I pay for someone else? These questions are driven forward because we treat healthcare as a question of profit rather than a required service of government. Big Pharma, hospital corporations and the like make obscene profits and fail to provide adequate care. They are more concerned with making money than the Right to Life.

The answer to who shall pay is all of us—equitably. The higher your income the greater percentage of it will go to care for everyone.

The answer to why you should pay someone else is human beings only succeed as a team, so we pay for what is necessary to guarantee the Right to Life for EVERYONE.

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