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UBUNTU: "I am because we are​."

This book is a treatise on a peaceful path to put the United States back on a path of a government that governs by the consent of the governed and is committed to the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness equally for all. 

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If I Could Find A Way … is a journey through the Vietnam war, through the aftermath of that war, and hopefully to at least the beginning of healing.

These poems present the intensity of combat, and the descent into the darkest of valleys. They reflect the observations of the ordinary as seen through the extraordinary climate of continuous combat.


They personify the struggles of dealing with the destructiveness war brings to the souls of those who serve, showing both the pervasiveness and the hidden aspects of the pain and horror. Finally, they offer some small perspective on surviving and moving forward towards inner peace. As the protagonist of the movie Platoon says, “The war is always with me, now.”


These poems lay out that reality. As a bonus, a number of short writings that received medal recognition at the national level from the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival are included.

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